What do we do?  We partner with nonprofits to assess organizational capabilities, define possibilities and opportunities,  and design the methodologies to accomplish and finance these ideas.  In real terms, we work with you to create real, attainable visions for your organization, look at where you are, and where you are going.

Real change involves a lot of moving parts: staff expansion or responsibility shifts, capital building expansions, program expansion and refinement, fund procurement (often from public and private sources) and partner and collaborator development.  We sort through all of the components and walk with you throughout the process.  Throughout all of this, we unite people, build community and build bridges, allowing your organization to achieve its ultimate mission.

Some of the ways we can work with you include:

  • Visioning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Plan creation
  • Design Thinking (including architectural programming, schematic design and space planning)
  • Program Development
  • Fund Procurement Strategy Development
  • Collaboration Development


Why Endroads?

Endroads is a different type of resource for nonprofits.  Our background is diverse and varied, with the ability to develop creative, strategic out of the box thinking that has a solid foundation in “the basics” of people, finance, organizational capabilities, and design.  This gives us a unique perspective to understand the “big picture” while developing the critical details of the inner workings of the agency.

Nonprofits are often quite different from for profit entities, and it takes a keen understanding of those subtleties to know how to best move the organization forward as we chart the course for your growth.  We have experience on “all sides” of nonprofits–as employees, volunteers, and consultants.  This further enhances our ability to give you that big picture view.